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Invoice Financing

Nikkle provides Invoice Financing to clients who used the platform for more than 3-6 months.

Invoice Factoring

Nikkle enables small businesses to sell their invoices to us, receiving upfront payment for a percentage of the invoice value. This boosts cash flow and relieves the burden of invoice management

Selective Invoice Finance

Nikkle allows small businesses to select and fund individual invoices, providing immediate access to capital. It’s a strategic way to manage cash flow and fuel growth.

Retail Stock Financing

Nikkle offers credit lending for retail businesses, providing financing for inventory purchases and operating expenses. Access various credit options, to fuel growth and success.

Hire Purchase

Nikkle enables small businesses to finance assets through convenient installment payments. Ownership transfers upon completion of payment.

Asset Refinance

Nikkle offers asset refinancing options for small business owners. By refinancing an existing asset, businesses can unlock cash to address various needs like expansion or working capital. It’s a strategic way to optimize existing resources and fuel business growth.

Asset Financing

Nikkle provides Asset Financing to clients who used the platform for more than 6-9 months.

Credit/Capital Financing

Nikkle provides Credit/ Capital Financing to clients who used the platform for more than 12-24 months.

Business Loans

Nikkle provides direct loans to small business owners. Additionally, we offer lines of credit where businesses can access pre-approved amount of credit and withdrawn funds as needed. Our lines of credit can be either secured or unsecured, offering flexibility to meet diverse business requirements.

Trade Credit

Nikkle enables business to make purchases from suppliers and defer payment or goods or services. This arrangement allows businesses to access the necessary resources without immediate financial burden, providing greater flexibility for managing cash flow.

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